Replaceable Beaters: Eight heavy replaceable steel beaters on a five degree can produce a high output wide spread pattern.

Web Chain: Spreaders come equipped with “T-Rod” web chain. These chains are made to last with 3 times the life of other chains.

Easy Access Bearings: Beater bar bearings are easy to service and replace if necessary.

Center Mounted Rolling Jack: Easy crank 2,000 lbs jack allows for easy movement of the spreader and connection to your pull vehicle, the jack swings away when not in use.

Transport Tailgate:Tailgate holds your material in place when moving spreader to spread location.


For the equine enthusiast or gentlemen/woman farmer, our GD compact manure spreaders demonstrate big abilities in a compact size. Easily maneuvered in tight space.
This compact manure spreaders allow for in-stall loading, making clean out easy and efficient.

Offer Wide and Even spread pattern
Engineered for maximum application
Constructed of durable 1/4″ steel
Detachable for easy replacement if necessary