Chip brush, branches and leaves into perfect-size chips for groundcover on pathways or in flower beds with the Farmer Helper Skid Steer attach wood chipper. Perfect for woodlot owners, arborists, and municipalities.

Air intake vents maximize blowing force to power the chips out of the chute up to 20 feet.

Features a twig breaker to move long material through the rotor compartment, and a 60" discharge chute with a 360 rotation.

Adjustable deflector for accurate placement of wood chips.

Hopper easily folds up making it easy to travel on narrow trails, transport and store.

Comes complete with hoses and Standard couplers. (No exchange available)

Standard-flow, chips branches up to 4" in diameter into valuable wood chips.

This easy to use attachment features a 20" x 20" self-feeding hopper opening to handle large, awkward size branches up to 4" in diameter, and angles brush against the blades as it pulls material into the chipper.

The 25" rotor features 4 hardened-steel reversible chipping blades places at 90 degrees to each other to cut, shear and shred the wood as it moves through the machine.

One of the great things about owning skid steer wood chippers is that you can reach many areas that you may never be able to reach with a regular chipper.

The Farmer-Helper Wood Chipper for skid steers make nice uniform wood chips that can be used for landscaping, animal bedding, or mulch. The Farmer-Helper Wood Chipper is effective on both softwood and hardwoods both green or seasoned. It is great for cleaning up logging sites, orchards and gardens.

When you need a professional wood chipper that will last and last then you need to look into what we have to offer.

The versatility of our Skid Steer Mounted wood chipper is unsurpassed. The chipper can be placed in almost any location. The chipping disk is hydraulically powered from your skid steer loader's hydraulic lines to your auxiliary couplers, start your machine and turn on the flow. The pressure and flow of your machine will power the chipper.

  • Attach to skidder or front loader

  • Comes with all features on BX42S model

Optional parts:Euro Hitch mounting attachment

Optional parts:Euro Hitch mounting attachment