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AT120 mower fitted with an easy to start engine it has been designed to cope with a wide range of conditions.

1.The AT Flail mower incorporates easy height adjustment

2. with a full width anti-scalping roller to avoid damage to machine and sward.

3. Two different blade options are available for the AT Flail MowerY blade and

hammer blade

4. Hammer/Y baldes

Standard ''Y'' Blade

Optional Hammer Blade

Optional parts:Jack


Designed to dramatically reduce your mowing time, the Farmer-Helper AT towable Flail mower attaches to ATV’s lawn tractors and other utility vehicles to cut large lawns and meadows fast. It changeable blades allow you to cut your fiel,d mulch your trimming or groom your lawn.

The wide mowing decks are powered by Loncin OHV engine for the necessary power for every mowing job. The full width rear discharge cutting deck not only cuts wide swaths it spreads the grass clippings out very evenly.

The offset adjustment is simple to use for mowing in ditches and cutting grass under low-handing trees, cutting closer to or under objects. The floating deck design reduces scalping for professional mowing results, even on tricky terrain. Adjust mowing height from 0 to 6″ by turning height control handle.

The unit comes with durable “Y” rock blades. The “Y” blades are used for field mowing an light brush. With the optional mulching blade and you may even cut small diameter wooded materials like tree saplings in your fiel,d sharpen the mulching blades, (They are normally dull) and this mower may be used as a lawn grooming mower.

The Farmer-Helper AT Flail mower is the ultimate time-saver for large lawns and fields with grass up to 8″ in height. Get your mowing done faster, and get back to what makes your weekends fun and relaxing.

Forget about pulling on a starter cord in the hot sun with the electric start Farmer-Helper AT mower. The AT is equipped with a handy 12-volt key start, so firing up the mower is a piece of cake, rather than a workout. In some areas you will have to buy the battery locally, as it may not be shipped.