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- To clean up constructions   areas by moving large piles of dirt from one place to another regardless of   terrain
- To dig the ground
- To smooth out uneven terrain   with the use of the digging bucket
- To create trenches
- To carve ditches or dikes
- To remove deep-seated roots   of trees 

Hydraulic backhoe with movable frame and mechanical lock, independent hydraulic outrigger feet with safety valve, main joints equipped with pins and bushings made of tempered cemented steel, and mounting kit for farm tractor. 
1. BH5 without hydraulic system
2. BH5R with independent hydraulic( PTO pump, gearbox & oil tank )
3. With standard 200mm bucket. 
4. Optional 250mm, 300mm, 400mm buckets. 


• Movable frame and mechanical locking
• Hydralic independent stands with blocking valve
• Main joints equipped with pins and bushes made of hardened and ground steel
• Place of application: tractor rear lifter
• 210 mm bucket
• Control valve with joystick levers and controls in series
• Optional: indipendent pump (BH5R)
• Seat with safety belts