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The Farmer-Helper (FH) backhoes are built strong, feature heavy lift, and major digging capacity. Built using Q-235 structural steel plate and heigh quality components the FH backhoes enable you to tackle any kind of job with confidence. They have advance features like a fully self-contained hydraulic system with dual filter system. Hydraulic systems is powered by your tractors PTO, 4th point top link stabilization system, responsive 4-way controls with exceptional feathering, hydraulic stabilizer, transport lock and a variety of heavy-duty bucket sizes up to 36” in width.

Hydraulic backhoe with movable frame and mechanical lock, independent hydraulic outrigger feet with safety valve, main joints equipped with pins and bushings made of tempered cemented steel, and mounting kit for farm tractor.

1. BH5 without PTO pump

2. BH5R with PTO pump

3. With standard 200mm bucket.

4. Optional 250mm, 300mm, 400mm buckets.

Optional 250mm, 300mm, 400mm buckets.


4-Way ISO Joy Stick Control
Multiple Bucket Sizes from 7 to 36 inches
Thumb and Ripper Available
Self-Contained Hydraulic System
Easy Clean Stainless Steel Hydraulic Filter
Total System Design for Maximum Efficiency
Backhoe Will Operate with Tractor at an Idle
PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge
Hydraulic Tank with Sight Glass
Oversized Stablizer Pads
Foldup Seat
3-Point with 4th Point Stabilizer
Will connect to 3-Point Cat-I or Cat-II
12” Bucket Include,d Exchange available