Farmer-Helper uses a heavy (maintenance free) oil bath transmission.

Laser balanced blade shaft.

5mm steel housing sits the blade shaft with flanges in 10” spacing.

The spring tool steel blades can be individually exchanged and re-sharpened.

The heavy 45 horsepower rated steel gearbox has a built in over-running clutch so the tines may continue to spin when the PTO is stopped.

The PTO shaft supplied with the tiller has a friction clutch (slip) for perfect protection.

The height adjustable rear flap providing a smooth finish and also protects against flying rocks for added safety.

Working Width

43″ – 67″

Tractor PTO

20- 50 HP


Farmer-Helper’s “FH-TM” Tillers are the ideal machines for preparing any kind of soil for planting, landscaping your property, or mixing supplements into your soil. These rugged machines are designed and sized to work with tractors from 20-50 HP. They are designed for use with any make or model of tractor with a standard cat-I 3-point hitch. Because this is a forward turning tiller, it requires less horsepower and maintains tilling depth you set. Maximum tilling depth is 6 inches. The working width offered are 43”, 51”, 59” and 67” with adjustable working depths up to 6 inches deep.