The Verge Flail Mowers are mulcher with hydraulic arm for clearing larger, wider areas, roadsides verges, orchards and green areas.

1.Fitted with a high power 50hp gear box;
2.Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids;
3.High strength mulching blades

4. Hammer blade

Standard Hammer Blade


-The Verge Flail Mowers are flail mowers wuith hydraulic am for cleaning larger,wider
areas,roadsides verges,orchards and various inclining and declining land surfaces;
-Specially designed for universal use the head of the mower can be operate in line with
the tractor or offset for verge maintenance and field boundaries.


-The Verge Flail Mowers are suitable for roadside verge,tree trimming and general mulching;
-Hydraulic side adjustment;
-Hydraulic inclining adjustment;
-Rear roller wheel;
-High power 50hp gearbox;
-Self leveing;
-High strength mulching blades;
-Safety flaps;
-Extra strong and designed with safety in mind;
-Support legs for storage;
-Solid hitch.